Wednesday 23 January 2013

Burqa's are biased

There are a lot of good reasons why the burqa should be banned. The most common arguments used against the burqa is that they discriminate against women. Well I suppose it is better to call an apple an apple...... the main reason is that these burqa wearing ladies are living in fear of a beating or even death if they don't don the burqa.

I have always wondered why more muslim men don't wear burqa's?

Or why they are unable to control themselves when they see a sexy ankle? …..............Seriously, on the internet there is a multitude of porn sites which multiple men and women are watching everyday and these people are not beating and raping other members of the other sex. So what is it about ankles??

I have another reason why the burqa should not be allowed.

Plain and simple it gives a religion more rights than the regular person. It is blatant discrimination against non believers! Don't believe me?

Try this..... walk with a full mask into a bank and see what response you get.

If burqa's are allowed, then anyone should be able to wear masks anywhere anytime. This is not always true, this is discrimination, this is religion been put ahead of normal human rights.

In closing..............I think my ID photo would look great as Donald Duck.