Sunday, 23 December 2012

Rapture, End of the world?

So the much predicted end of the world didn't happen. No suprise there, I wish it had though as it would have saved me from doing all this work over the weekend. All joking aside, lets look at a list of he so called raptures/armageddons that were meant to happen.

What one see from this list, is something very insightful. The list of these predictions is mostly filled with religious nuts making predictions. THIS IS NOT A NEW THING! So the question arises, why do people still believe this trash?

People like to say, ah yes but Harold Camping is only a fringe christian. Okay so a fringe christian is someone that has a radio station and brings in millions of dollars. Oh, no hang on that is not fringe at all.

But if you still insist, how about we look at something that no one can deny is a major religious group. Suprise, the Jehovah's witnesses are back. How many times do you have to get it wrong before people stop believeing this trash!

We live in a world where religions make money out of FEAR AND LIES. Take a step back and see them for what they are.