Saturday 29 December 2012

Random Chats With Believers II

So do you think gender bias is a good thing? Well apparently if you are a muslim this is an accepted part of your culture. You have heard the burqa debate, and the forced weddings etc. But do you know this.

I was told very candidly one day by a muslim before he was going to observe the last week of ramadan in prayer at the mosque, that “no women are allowed to be there for the week, only men.” So hang on, only men are allowed to observe this time in retreat at the mosque with their fellow devotees?
And for the laughs: (got to love them trolls.)

Does this not strike anyone as odd, apparently not. I was told “you wont understand, you don't hold the same beliefs.” which is true but I also live in the 21st century, where women are equal to men. How can any religion which does not allow all its believers to attend there most holy time of year be considered just? Where is the equality that exists, when they die do women go to another heaven different to men or dare I say it lesser?

This behaviour is sexist and disgusting. How can you treat someone you love, i.e. your wife, in this way? However, if you ever ask the question, “Is islam chauvinistic?” The answer will be “NO”, even when clearly it is “YES”.

Islam is not tolerant, islam is sexist, islam is like all other religions a joke.


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