Sunday, 16 December 2012

Random Chats With Believers I

Why do they waste there time? Jehovah's Wintnesses that is?

The other day, I had the normal Jehovah's witness converstaion. You know the one where you are busy, they are not and you can't get them to leave you alone polietely. Well they gave the normal old yarn about, why they are the only way to go to heaven. And you need to follow there tenants,hell maybe you will even be able to see them refuse their child a blood transplant potentially leading to the poor kids death, if some authorities don't step in.

Anyway, if you get annoyed of the wacky fairytales. This is a sure fire way to stop them dead in their tracks..... actually let me clarify, not all! Even after this, some will not give up the stubborn and irrational preaching.

Ask, them whats the point of preaching is at all........ if they are not going to go to heaven. Really, 144000 people, why didn't the person who thought this up at least use some logic. Oh, yeh thats right.......
Follow this up with. If god, has already decided everything, is there any point to the preaching at all. I mean live life, have sex, drink, smoke, do whatever you want...... ITS BEEN PRE-DETERMINED!!!!!!

Did, I get an answer? No they said they will call me back.
And I am still waiting.