Monday, 31 December 2012

Pat Robertson?

Pat Robertson, prophet, preacher, politician......seriously what is he? Lets take broad strokes and take a look at good old Pat.

I have many problems with people like Pat Robertson, as it honestly seems to be that they are just after peoples money. Getting rich of lies, I believe is called fraud. So what are these so called lies that I am talking about. Well lets start with the big one, God is not real.... if you are making money of the fact that god exists you are a fraud. And lets face it Pat is making money of God, he is a seriously wealthy person and this comes from his TV empires, preaching etc. Again, I issue my challenge, show me god exists!

Lie number 2? Predictions, Pat is big on predictions, and guess what just like Nostradamus, and Harold Shipman and the ancient Mayans......... He is getting them wrong! This is called lying, if you are a so called prophet and getting your prophecies wrong, you are a liar. Here are some videos, if you don't believe me.... and yes this has been going on very very long time.

How abut attributing, natural disasters to god? Earthquakes, Hurricanes, Tornadoes, Snow storms etc, are caused by well known natural phenomena. When these things happen, they can cause great devastation.... but it is not God punishing people. This is a lie Pat!

Pat Robertson, is a liar. When people speak to imaginary people, we usually get them serious psychiatric help.... why when someone speaks to god, are we not doing the same?

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