Monday, 3 December 2012

Losing my religion II

So after my deconversion from Christianity And lets be real here, all Christian denominations (all 40000+ of them ) are the same. They have the same bible, believe the same stuff, feed the same fears,.... the only difference I have seen is that the intolerance varies from group to group.

Here is my analysis, after looking into a few religions. I came up basically with the following about the three other major religionsbesides Christianity . Needless to say after reading the major texts of these various religions, the only thing I was learning was that its easier to spot fairytales once you have read a few.

1) Islam
This is the same as Christianity, except they are way more hardcore about the stoning and infidel thing. So, the Koran should I say as it was written later is basically a copy and paste version of the bible, then edited for style and some extra added stories of why its better. Think about it this way, if say John handed in the Bible as a thesis and Bob handed in the Koran the following year as his thesis. Then Bob would be had for plagarism.

All in all the Koran is an entertaining read like the Bible, if you like to read about lunatic baby killers and there maniac invisible friend. Its like a sequel to a very bad movie.

2) Hinduism
This is an interesting religion in that its mental ( ) . There is a god or deity or whatever for everything and anything, and somehow they all tie in and then never get along together. Essentially all you need to know about hinduism is that there is a class system and you have to wonder about any religion where elitism exists
So if you are looking for a great read, the Bhagavad Gita or any of the other hindu texts can be great fun.

3) Buddhism
The only thing I can say is, is this really a religion? It seems to me in a way to be a religion of escapism from reality, but not really a crazy lets burn abortionists religion. Although, they are not as peaceful as they would like you to think.

So after a lot of reading and trying to rationalise a belief in a divine entity I came to the following conclusion. I was done with major religion.

Not an atheist yet, first I had to make the stop at agnosticism?