Thursday, 27 December 2012

Bradlee Dean?

I have a confession to make, I love crazy people, they are just so much more intersting and entertaining. The problem with crazy people however, is that they are dangerous. If not only to themselves, then to others....... which brings me to Bradlee Dean.

This man, is a lunatic! And highly entertaining!
The problem however is blataltly kicking you in the head when you listen to Bradlee Dean. He is clearly in favor of having a society run with a moral set of values, and those values are what he determines from the bible. This will lead to an unjust and infair society and take us back to the dark ages, where women and gays, maybe even other ethnicities are considered unequal. He is a perfect example of why religion and politics should never ever mix!

Adittionally, his anlysis of Ruby Ridge, Waco and Oklahoma City are sometimes accurate, and mostly way of the mark. It is a conspiracy theory like he says, he just messes it up by not saying, he is the conspiracy theorist!

How about his analysis of Alfred Kinsey's work. Ok, so he gets a lot right, but then dismissis all of Kinsey's work due to irregularities in Kinsey's work. This is true that there are many irregularities in Kinsey's work, however he failed to mention that “It was Paul Gebhard, in the 1970s, who removed all suspect data, and recalculated Kinsey's findings. He found only slight differences between the original and updated figures.”
So is Bradlee Dean again lying?

You can watch the rest of the entertaining videos, but please realize this is comedy at its best.... its not meant to be taken seriously.

In conclusion, if this is Christianity, how would anyone want a part of it?